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Pride & Joy

One of my jobs as department chair is to re-read assessment test essays that fall into a specific gray zone (the essays are usually scored by a computer; don’t get me started on this). I find it difficult, because the writing … Continue reading

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Unpopular Opinions

This week saw yet another “what’s wrong with Romance” post. If those posts are written to a script, so is Romanceland’s response, and indeed the predictable cycle followed: tweetstorm erupts critical comments posted on article [optional for online only-publications: half-assed-apology/justification, … Continue reading

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Retro Reading (My “Blackout” Post)

I imagine most people reading this are aware of #HaleNo and the decision of some book bloggers (especially in YA and romance) not to run reviews of new books for a short period of time. (If not, here’s Sunita’s post … Continue reading

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Marketing, Social Media, Books and Me

A couple of things I’ve been thinking about, at too much length to leave as comments elsewhere. Stop With “Not Your Mother’s” Many readers I know object to the currently popular “not your mother’s romance” marketing slogan. Some were introduced to romance-reading … Continue reading

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The Space Between

Wait, that’s the title of a Dave Matthews song? Please note that my earworm right now is Roxy Music. In fact, where’s my iPod? I loved Pamela’s post on “Romancelandia, Overthinking, and Balance,” as well as the discussion sparked by it and on the posts she … Continue reading

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