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Recent Reading: Summer Escapes

I’ve been reading in fits and starts: some days I read for hours, others I don’t open a book. I can’t really explain why my reading mojo is so erratic, but part of it is reading a number of books that … Continue reading

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Recent Reading: The Rest

Books I read recently, don’t have a ton to say about, but wanted to mention. Ruth Saberton, Dead Romantic Romantic British chick lit, featuring an archaeologist heroine who starts seeing ghosts and the former rock star who wrote a Christmas hit about their … Continue reading

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May and June will be super busy for me, so I’m going to try to post short but regular reading updates (i.e. less than my usual 1000 words, and not obsessed over for 2 days). I had my reading for … Continue reading

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The Unsympathetic Character, Revisited

I spent several hours yesterday listening to the rest of Melanie Gideon’s Wife 22, not just because I said I was going to but because it finally engaged me enough to keep going. There are some good scenes, funny or … Continue reading

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Friday Fragment: Unsympathetic

I’m listening to Melanie Gideon’s Wife 22 right now. I’m about half-way through, and I think I hate it. At least, I think I hate the protagonist-narrator, Alice Buckle, who like me is a long-married woman about to turn 45. … Continue reading

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