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Sex + Power = ?

A while back, Carolyn Jewel tweeted a link to Thomas MacAulay Millar’s  “Domism: Role Essentialism and Sexism Intersectionality in the BDSM Scene.” Drawing on academic ethnographies by Stacy Newmahr and Margot D. Weiss, Millar argues that: In The Scene, it’s often the … Continue reading


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Professor, I Have Some Questions: Delphine Dryden’s “Theory of Attraction”

A couple of weeks ago I read Delphine Dryden’s erotic romance novella Theory of Attraction, and I’m still thinking about it. This isn’t a review (willaful has a good one) so much as a reflection on questions the book raised for … Continue reading

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Damned If You Do, Olivia Waite (Authors Behaving Well)

I’ve been working on a post inspired by the latest examples of Authors Behaving Badly, or at least Like Complete Idiots. But it’s a lovely Friday near the end of summer, my daughter and I just made the custard for … Continue reading

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Recent Reading, Cover Commentary, and Other Links

What I’m Up To I always think I’ll be relaxed once grades are in, but right now much of my worklife is chairing my college’s academic governance committee, which is crazy busy in May and June. I’m trying to schedule … Continue reading

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Short and . . . Reviews: Part III

Short and . . . dirty? I feel a bit weird saying this, but I challenged myself to read more erotica and erotic romance, mainly because of the conversation surrounding A Certain Book. So many people in Romancelandia are claiming, … Continue reading

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