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My Year in (Not?) Reading, 2022

It was not the best. I did read some good books, but I think I returned as many to the library unread. I don’t really remember a lot of what I read. I listened to many mystery audiobooks that went … Continue reading

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Recent Reading (and Not-Reading)

I read some things, and DNF’d some others, that I feel like writing about! Let’s get to it. Self-Helpy DNFs Anhedonia was a major symptom of my depression, and I am still working on enjoying the things I used to … Continue reading

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Some Recent Reading (or Mostly Listening)

These days, mysteries are my genre of choice: people solving problems, answering questions, seeking justice. And, of course, plots that hold my attention when I’m tired and easily distracted. Audiobooks, too, are good when I’m tired and distracted. The library … Continue reading

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In the Affirmative

It seems like these days, even when I’m not looking for a “how to survive the grief of divorce” book, they find me. First there was the Duchess Goldblatt book. Now, Maggie Smith’s Keep Moving. (That’s Maggie Smith the poet, … Continue reading

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Long Bright River, by Liz Moore

A few years ago I read a New York Times Magazine story about the Philadelphia neighborhood of Kensington, home to the “largest open-air heroin market on the East Coast,” which has stayed with me ever since. Jennifer Percy’s story describes … Continue reading

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