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RITA Reader Response (Yours!)

Yesterday the Romance Writers of America announced the finalists for this year’s RITA and Golden Heart awards. I muted the dozens of congratulatory tweets, but I did enjoy it when my reader-friends started weighing in on the lists. On Twitter, though, the number of … Continue reading

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Reading Between the Throwaway Lines: Feminism and Romance, Again

Book Thingo is hosting a series featuring romance readers’ responses to Anna Goldsworthy’s essay “Unfinished Business: Sex, Freedom and Misogyny.” The two posts so far, from Jodi McAlister and Jessica, are great reading. One line in particular, from Jessica’s post, has stuck with me: … Continue reading

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Full Disclosure

This week’s New York Times book review section featured a pair of essays by Zoë Heller and Adam Kirsch encouraging novelists to review fiction. Both acknowledge the reasons many writers are reluctant to do so (publishing is a pretty small world and … Continue reading

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Discovering the Good C+: How Readers Could Help Reboot Historical Romance

There’s been a lot of talk the last week or so about the decline (in numbers, quality, new authors, readers) of historical romance. Jane’s suggestion at Dear Author that “We should let the historical genre die” has generated a lot of discussion … Continue reading

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Friday Fragments: Touchy Subjects

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had various ideas for blog posts that I’ve decided not to write. People have mentioned that Romancelandia (and the wider online Bookuniverse) seems extra sensitive and reactive these days. I count myself in … Continue reading

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