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Recent Reading, Cover Commentary, and Other Links

What I’m Up To I always think I’ll be relaxed once grades are in, but right now much of my worklife is chairing my college’s academic governance committee, which is crazy busy in May and June. I’m trying to schedule … Continue reading

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Spring Pleasures: Miranda Neville, Oscar Wilde, and Easter Goodies

This post is mainly about my response to Miranda Neville’s Confessions from an Arranged Marriage (short version: loved it). If you’d like a more conventional review, I’d recommend Janine’s at Dear Author; I also enjoyed SonomaLass’s “Tale of Two Minervas” post. I feel … Continue reading

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I Hadn’t Understood, by Diego De Silva & My Love Song to a Bookstore

I finished Diego De Silva’s I Hadn’t Understood, the Italian novel I discussed in my last post. Usually when I finish a book, I have a basic “reading” or take on it. This one, I don’t, just random observations. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Review: The Sleeping Partner, Madeleine E. Robins

I’ve mentioned before that I owe my discovery of Madeleine Robins’ Sarah Tolerance mysteries to Victoria Janssen, and must thank her again for the happy reading. Victoria’s post was prompted by the release of a new book in the series, The … Continue reading

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Jackie Barbosa & Me: Some Notes

Jackie Barbosa sent me a copy of her new self-published novella, “The Lesson Plan.” Short and hot seemed perfect for this busy time of year, so last weekend I read that and two of Jackie’s Spice Briefs, “Grace Under Fire” … Continue reading

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