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My Year in Reading, 2018

I would have said 2018 was not nearly as good a reading year for me as 2017, but when I sat down to look back, I realize that feeling is more a reflection of my mood this year than of … Continue reading

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My 2018 PopSugar Challenge

I have a year in reading post in the works, but I’ve been knocked out for several days by the traditional holiday family cold, so that will have to wait a bit. Here instead is an overview of my PopSugar … Continue reading

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2014: My Year in Reading

In some ways, this was a crappy year in the Bookternet (a word I’m now using just because Jessica said I never would). Events and interactions online often left me feeling crappy. Still,┬ásome of the outcomes were positive: like many … Continue reading

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My Year in Reading, 2013

Interestingly, my absolute favorites of the year were books I listened to rather than read. In every case, I’d say they were excellent books to begin with and a strong narration enhanced my enjoyment, but I think it’s just chance … Continue reading

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