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Twitter Recommends: Latin@ and Hispanic Romance

Recently in the comments here, lawless and I discussed the fact that I don’t see a lot of Twitter recommendations for romances written by authors, or featuring characters, who are Latin@ (as opposed to African American, Asian or South Asian, … Continue reading

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On Genre and Happy Endings

The Children’s Literature course I’m teaching this term is one of several students can choose for their first-year English credit. So many of the goals of the class are interchangeable with any first-year lit class (fiction, poetry, drama, major themes): … Continue reading

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Heyer vs. Harlequin: Family Fantasies

Sprig Muslin, my recent Georgette Heyer re-read, features one of my favorite types of Heyer heroines/plots: the older, responsible heroine who is freed by love.  Now that she’s in her late 20s, Lady Hester’s family has given up expecting her … Continue reading

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Jackie Barbosa & Me: Some Notes

Jackie Barbosa sent me a copy of her new self-published novella, “The Lesson Plan.” Short and hot seemed perfect for this busy time of year, so last weekend I read that and two of Jackie’s Spice Briefs, “Grace Under Fire” … Continue reading

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A Couple of Austen-Inspired Novels

Several years ago I taught a first-year Major Themes in Literature course I called “Transformations.” All the readings had transformations of various kinds in them, and I paired “classic” texts with later “transformations” by other writers. We started with fairy tales and ended … Continue reading

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