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Funny Feminist (?) Fiction

In college I loved moments of synchronicity between courses, when I found myself looking at the same topic through two different disciplinary lenses and thus understanding it more deeply. Something similar happened to me this week, when two books I … Continue reading


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Reading Between the Throwaway Lines: Feminism and Romance, Again

Book Thingo is hosting a series featuring romance readers’ responses to Anna Goldsworthy’s essay “Unfinished Business: Sex, Freedom and Misogyny.” The two posts so far, from Jodi McAlister and Jessica, are great reading. One line in particular, from Jessica’s post, has stuck with me: … Continue reading

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The Overdetermined Hero

Sunday I read Hanna Rosin’s New York Times Magazine cover story, “Who Wears the Pants in This Economy?”. I’m still thinking about it. And I am going to get around to romance fiction, in case you’re wondering. The general context … Continue reading

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Reading (About) Bodies: Links on the Body, Feminism and Romance

This week was my college’s reading break. I had a big list of Things I Will Do During Break. What I actually did was go to a bunch of meetings and mess around on the internet (plus a few of … Continue reading

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