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Friday Fragments: Complaints Department

It’s just been one of those long, grinding weeks at work, so this is even more fragmentary than usual. Not Ranting But Laughing It seems yet more authors have been telling readers how to review and who is qualified to … Continue reading

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Hey Author, I Don’t Want to Be Your “Customer”

Yesterday brought yet another post about an author responding badly to a negative review, this one from Beatrice‘s Ron Hogan. But Hogan also suggested that there is a right way to respond to negative reviews, referring to author Elle Lothlorien’s … Continue reading

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Friday Night Fragments: Voice and Taste

I was thinking I needed to write a blog post, but on what? No wonder Friday Fragments is becoming a feature here. It’s an excuse for incoherence! Finding My Voice This week I finished my (overdue) review for my college’s … Continue reading

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New Year Navel-gazing

I’ve been in school one way or another as long as I can remember, so September always feels like my real New Year. There are hints of a change in the weather, new clothes and pencils, a return to routine. … Continue reading

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How Mean Is Too Mean When We Talk About Books?

I am reading a book. A good book! (A Game of Kings, by Dorothy Dunnett). But it’s a big book, and I have a big pile of papers to finish grading, so I’m not even far enough in yet to … Continue reading

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