I’m off on vacation in a few days. I’ll get a rare glimpse of my extended (and extensive) family at a cousin’s wedding, and then spend time with more immediate family in a beach town where my grandparents rented a house when I was young. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my roots!

The To Have and to Hold discussion post will go up Sunday, August 4th. I have All The Thoughts (mostly not what I was expecting) and am looking forward to discussing it very much.

I’ll have wireless access for some of the time I’m away, but I’m aiming to take an internet hiatus. Partly because the post I was planning to write instead of this felt so grumpy about The Genre and Reading, I think I need a break.

On the bright side, I just finished Sarah Mayberry’s Her Best Worst Mistake and enjoyed it so much that I’m all charged up for vacation reading now. I read it a year after “everyone” was raving about it, which seems to be a happy reading prescription for me at the moment. On the other hand, it was a tweet from @THRJessica that prompted me to pluck it from the TBR pile at long last. Now I’m planning to re-read Hot Island Nights, the companion novel. I thought it was just OK when I first read it, but wonder if it will read differently now.

I’m also reading Adam Roberts’ Jack Glass. This is a real departure from my usual fare, another antidote to book crankiness. But, um, I picked it up because the Book Smugglers’ review intrigued me and then Brie said she was going to read it, and Brie and I have been e-mailing each other our thoughts.

Finally, I’m listening to some of Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody series beyond my perennial reread favorite The Crocodile on the Sandbank. Amber’s series reread inspired me.

So, um, yeah. My “much-needed break from social-media-influenced reading” has all been inspired by social media. This is why I’m never really tempted (or able) to give it up for good.

See you in August, and happy reading!

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  1. Miss Bates says:

    Have a wonderful, restful holiday. I’ve reached the half-way point of To Have and To Hold & marked Aug. 4 on the calendar. I hope to have some equilibrium by then. P. S. I love Sarah Mayberry and have read all her books. My favourite is SHE’S GOT IT BAD.

    • Liz Mc2 says:

      I love Mayberry too, but I’m still working my way through her backlist. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on THatH, especially as *I* was making Jane Eyre comparisons as I read! I have Jane Eyre in audio and I might listen to it on my trip. It’s been quite a while.

      • Miss Bates says:

        Ha! Yes, my first thought after a particularly wrenching THatH scene, which will remain nameless and that I had to walk away from for a few hours, was that I needed to start my annual reread of JANE right after this book. Most definite JANE comparisons, as well as connections to LOVE & CHERISH, & a lot of thoughts about inspirational romance too.

  2. I wasn’t as keen on Her Best Worst Mistake as everyone else. There was too much sniping for me, and while I really liked Violet, as I had just read Hot Island Nights I didn’t have much sympathy for Martin. Oh, and I thought not telling Elizabeth was dragged out far too long. Hot Island Nights is actually the only Mayberry that has made a lasting and positive impression on me, so I hope you enjoy it more this time around.

    I’m feeling a little talked out about To Have and to Hod, but hopefully by August 4th I will feel differently.

    Have a great vacation!

    • Liz Mc2 says:

      Rest up, Janine! I’ll link your great dual review, so maybe you can some talk about the spoilery parts you had to leave out there. I wonder if (as we discussed on Twitter) reading the two Mayberry books close together colored your response. I suspect I’ll feel different re-reading in light of the “new” information from HBWM. The overlap scenes are a little too obvious reading them so close together. Reading two Wyckerley books almost back to back shaped the way I saw each, actually.

  3. Sunita says:

    You and Brie and Booksmugglers together were too much to resist. I just requested the book from my library.

    I’ve been listening to audiobooks lately, and right now I’m in the middle of the first of Iain M. Banks’ Culture books, Consider Phlebas. I thought I’d make the series my summer reading, but audio is a bit slower so who knows how long it will take me. But the narrator, Peter Kenny, is absolutely wonderful. He totally makes the book (which suffers from many of the standard first-book problems, but I knew that going in). At this point reading seems inferior to having him tell me the story.

    Have a wonderful holiday! I hope you have not-horrible weather and that you get to relax. See you when you return.

    • Liz Mc2 says:

      I had trouble with the first part, which is pretty bleak and violent. But I enjoyed Part II. And it’s really thought-provoking.

      I am not good with books that demand too much attention/intellectual engagement on audio, because I tend to zone out and have to go back and relisten.

  4. Looking forward to reading the discussion!

  5. Jessica says:

    Have a wonderful vacation! We’ll be like two tweets in the night as I will be gone for the month of August (mostly).

    I really liked HBWM. I had HIN on audio, and listened to it so long ago I barely remembered it. I think that was key to enjoying Martin. I can see Janine’s point about sniping, although I felt that fell away pretty quickly. What I think is hard to manage is that in six years of spending so much time with Martin, Violet could have been so wrong about his character. He wasn’t really so controlling and “anal”. My other hesitation was a mirror concern about Violet’s character: dressing in a sexy manner was about the only thing she did that justified her reputation as a wild and crazy gal. In the end, it was less a story about opposites, which was what I signed up for, than a story about not really knowing someone. But that was ok. I really liked the way the story actually pushed beyond that and delved into the deep insecurities that were holding each of them back in life and love. And because I believed in the insecurities, I believed Violet’s foot-dragging. Yes, it went on too long, but not too long for her character.

    My fave SB remains the friends turned lovers story, Anything For You.

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