Book Club Party Read-Along Thingy!

A bunch of us Twitter-enabled each other’s excessive purchasing in last month’s e-book sales, and one result is that a lot of people bought Vicki Essex’s January Harlequin Superromance, Back to the Good Fortune Diner.

I joked that we should have a book club. And even though I’m not a joiner and am super awkward at parties, the idea seems to have taken off. So next Friday, January 11, I’ll post my thoughts (I refuse to write book club discussion questions–too much like the day job), and I invite you to come join the conversation and/or link your own reviews. ETA: I’m on Pacific time, and will aim to have the post up at noon.

Why did so many of us buy this book? Well, aside from the fact that we liked the sample, it’s got a Chinese-American heroine and Essex is Chinese-Canadian, and we want to support diversity in the romance genre.

If you don’t already have the book but would like to try it, Essex’s site (linked via her name above) has buy links, and Harlequin’s (linked via the title) has the blurb and sample–as well as being one place you can buy it.

Hey, if this works, we might even do another one!

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8 Responses to Book Club Party Read-Along Thingy!

  1. Could you list the time and your timezone? I’m on AEST.

  2. I started it at lunchtime! Laughed out loud a few times at the first scene’s depiction of her family. Looking forward to the convo!

  3. Oh, this sounds lovely! I have been longing for a good contemporary read lately.

  4. Ros says:

    Looking forward to it!

  5. Oooh. With the half-off deal and the double recommendation, I really want to play. Let’s see how much I have time to read before Friday!

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