My Bookish Christmas

Twitter-pal Ridley sent me this awesome card.

Twitter-pal Ridley sent me this awesome card.

I got precisely one book this Christmas: The Wolf Man (Graphic Freud),  from my husband (aka The Comics Scholar). I read plenty of Freud and other psychoanalytic theory in grad school, but though I’ve read about the Wolf Man I never read Freud’s case study; I’m looking forward to this.

I got some bookish things, though. 

In his role as Gadget Man, the husband gave me and my daughter Kobo readers: a Glo for me and a Mini for her (my son is a reader too, but he’s got no interest in a reading gadget). I’d been thinking about a new e-reader for a while. I got

Mini-me and Me

Mini-me and Me

my beloved (and life-changing) Sony for Christmas four years ago, also from my husband. I didn’t really need a new reader, but I did increasingly want note-taking capabilities, and since I often read later in the evening than he does, a lighted reader was tempting (I sometimes read on my iPad, but it’s heavy for reading in bed and I find the backlit screen tiring for my eyes since I work so much on the computer).

I had been wondering whether to switch e-reader allegiance to Amazon, but it turned out to be an easy decision to stick with an ePub reader because they don’t sell the Paperwhite in

We are definitely related

We are definitely related

Canada yet and appear to have no definite timeline for doing so.  [Don’t ask me about my attempts to give my American dad Kindle books for Christmas. He will have to “return” some of them for a gift card and use that to buy an edition he can download. Why can’t a world-dominating company allow me to give a version of the book the recipient can actually download, or at least see if the version I can view is available in the recipient’s region? I am not thrilled with Amazon at the moment].

I also got the one thing on my Christmas wish list, an external hard drive so I can move my e-books off my aging netbook, which badly needs the space. It’s a “my Book,” which I find amusing. I have spent more time in the past few days moving files around, fiddling with software changes, importing books into Calibre so I can load them on my new reader, and finding e-books I know I bought in stray folders–and, you know, hanging with my visiting family–than actually reading. So far, though, I really like reading on the Glo. The hardware is not as lovely as my red metal Sony, but it’s small and light and the lighted screen is great. The main issue I have is that the infrared touch screen takes a bit of adjusting to after the capacitive screens on my other touch devices.

We’ve spent a lot of time in the  last week eating delicious things and hanging by the fire. The main drawback of living where I do is being so far from my family, so it was great to have my parents, uncle and sister all here. My mom and sister introduced my uncle and daughter to Words With Friends; rather than getting out the old skool Scrabble board they had four iPads and multiple games with each other on the go.

With the gift card that came with my reader, I grabbed some romances that ended up on a lot of people’s “best of 2012” lists. And I’ve got some books on request at the library in pursuit of my New Year’s resolution to read more literary fiction. Now, off to read so that I can actually post about books!

What was your best book(ish) gift? Got any reading resolutions in the works?

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15 Responses to My Bookish Christmas

  1. Marilyn says:

    What a lovely holiday you had! I’m so glad. It’s wonderful when you can all gather together that way. And it’s wonderful when everyone goes home. 🙂

    No bookish presents this year but I did see – at Shallowreader’s blog – a challenge for a certain amount of exercise to be done per book read. I can’t do that much walking, but was inspired to resolve this: I normally do water aerobics for 90 minutes three times a week but sometimes I skip a session. After any week in which I do not do all three sessions, I will not be allowed to buy any books. No freebies. No 99-centers. Nothing. Period. That ought to get me out of my chair!

    • Liz Mc2 says:

      I liked her challenge idea too. I mostly exercise at work (we have free classes at noon, which is great) so I have been sitting and eating for too long in my time off. The dog is my one salvation from total sloth.

      It was a really good time, but after I took everyone to trains and planes this morning I came home and had a bath (half an hour of privacy and silence!). I should count the bath bombs in my stocking as bookish gifts because I love to read in the tub.

  2. Ros says:

    I got this Harlequin jigsaw as my Christmas treat to myself. I had a different one in the same series last year and they are so much fun. I like to give the characters names and imagine their stories while I’m doing the puzzle.

    • Liz Mc2 says:

      That sounds like fun! I have not done a jigsaw since rainy childhood summer holidays (except for little kid versions with my kids). I used to love them.

  3. Great presents! I received one bookish present, something I really wanted: Jacques Pepin’s Essential Pepin cookbook. I rediscovered him when we downgraded from satellite to over-the-air television and I have such a crush on him. He makes 3-4 things in a half-hour show and never looks like he’s working hard.

    I thought about buying TheHusband books, but since we are totally e for fiction now, sending it to his Paperwhite just doesn’t have the same effect. 😉

    • Liz Mc2 says:

      I am listening to Gabrielle Hamilton’s chef memoir and just got to a part where she talks about her love for Pepin and similar French chefs of his era, their respect for real cooking. It’s a lovely homage.

  4. willaful says:

    South American BIL uses his American address for Kindle, makes life so much easier.

    No bookish gifts for me. I got mostly things to keep me warm, which I probably need more. Hub would certainly have given me a new ereader if I’d wanted one, but tempting though it is to upgrade, especially to one with a light, I’m going to stick with what I have for now.

    I already exercise 6 days a week, usually while reading or listening to an audiobook, so an exercise challenge won’t help me. 🙂

  5. SonomaLass says:

    I got the Kobo mini that I wanted. I am madly in love with my Paperwhite, but I wanted something very light that I can have with me all the time. Plus with Kobo my purchase goes through my local independent bookseller, rather than feeding the Amazon behemoth any more than I already do. I am due for a huge Calibre session myself; next week, when my partner is back to work and I’m on my second week of break. That’s the week I try to use for catching up on stuff that feels like work but isn’t connected to my actual employment. Third week of break is for prep work for the term, with syllabi and schedules and all that jazz. (I sound a lot more organized than I am!)

    I only gave one book this Christmas — the most recent in Cherie Priest’s Clockwork Century series for my partner. I used to give my children books every year, but as they get older, I am less confident in my ability to pick things for them. It’s easier to find gadgets, clothes and accessories that I know they want or will like. I am planning to make it a project next year to keep track of books thy peg might enjoy, so I have some bookish ideas when it’s time to shop for Christmas gifts.

  6. SonomaLass says:

    How the iPad gets “thy peg” out of “they” baffles me.

  7. For my birthday I got a Kindle Paperwhite, and for Christmas (which I celebrate with my husband’s family) Amazon gift cards. So my book loving self is very happy right now. I also found the coolest cover for my new paperwhilte at Therse are amazing covers that make devices look like vintage books.

    Liz, which romances from people’s best of 2012 lists did you grab?

  8. My family rarely buys me books. I think they feel that I need to broaden my outlook in life and they buy me useless things like cookware or clothes 🙂

  9. rohanmaitzen says:

    I got a pretty nice stack of books for Christmas, including a couple of Heyers, so I’m looking forward to having them on hand as the term gets underway. With Bleak House and Tess and The Road all coming up, I’m going to need some cheering up on the side! And another bookish gift was a NYRB subscription, which came with a free NYRB calendar too.

    I hear you about the value of a lit e-reader, though so far I think I’m sticking with my Sony, which is only a couple of years old (and it does have note-taking options). I read something recently proclaiming the end of e-ink and the single-purpose e-reader in favor of tablets (like the iPad mini). I hope that’s wrong, as like you, I find the back-lit screen very tiring. Maybe they’ll figure out a way for one machine to work both ways!

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