My First Blogiversary

This milestone is probably more important to me than to anyone else, so I’ll keep it short.

I started blogging in what will always be known in our family as the Summer of the Accidental Kittens. Here are the keepers today (they’ll be one on July 5), and there are a few baby pictures below.



Unless they’re sleeping, they move too fast to capture on camera.




A Year of Blogging, in Bullet Points:

  • I can’t write a post less than 1000 words long. I do try, honest.
  • I am the queen of parenthetical asides. I try to edit them out of formal writing, but don’t bother here. My new awareness of this has made me wonder whether anyone can follow my lectures, because I talk like that too. That’s something to work on.
  • I have really enjoyed writing more regularly, and thinking about my reading in a sustained but less academic way than I do for work.
  • My biggest-number days, by a long shot, were all generated by posts on the hoopla about That Book I Haven’t Read. I’m so embarrassed (though unsurprised) by this that I’m not linking to them. I’m on the wagon! Posts on Romland controversies are also popular.
  • My most-viewed post overall is the one on Grace Burrowes’ The Heir. It still gets regular hits. This might also be my most critical review. I’m rather conflicted about that, too. 
  • I don’t care (much) about numbers. I’d rather have a small group of regular readers than chase popular topics that bring in eyeballs. The idea that a lot of people who’ve never been here before appear when I post on controversies–that that’s their picture of me–makes me kind of uncomfortable.
  • The best part of blogging is the conversation with other readers. I love all your comments! This experience has been more rewarding than I ever imagined. Thank you.

And there it is. A post less than 1000 words!

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14 Responses to My First Blogiversary

  1. willaful says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary and brevity. 😉 I have yet to see a post by you that I thought was too long, however.

  2. sonomalass says:

    I agree; long is not the same as TOO long, and you tend to start conversations that are worth the words. You inspire me to do more blog posts, although that inspiration is well hidden so far.

    Happy blogiversary!

  3. I just love your blog and that’s all I’m saying.

  4. Danielle says:

    Congratulations! Those 1000+ word posts with their asides are the reason I enjoy your blog so much. They are the best kinds of conversational rambles, reflective, stimulating, and honest. Please don’t change!

  5. Happy one year anniversary! There aren’t very many romance reader blogs out there these days (as opposed to romance review blogs), but I love visiting yours for the fascinating commentary and low-key atmosphere.

  6. Liz Mc2 says:

    Thanks, everyone.

  7. Jessica says:

    It’s a great blog. Congrats! I can’t believe it’s been a year. And I agree with Evangeline, especially with Tumperkin and Carolyn Crane doing less of the “magpie” romance reader experience thing, your blog stepped in nicely to fill that large gap.

  8. VacuousMinx says:

    Happy Blogiversary to you, Happy Blogiversary to you …

    Please keep writing those 1000+ word posts. Aside from the fact that I love to read them, I need the company. 😉 And the ability to draft off your ideas for my own posts. It’s all about me, you know?

    But seriously, I don’t think there’s anyone writing like you are right now, and I am so glad that you took up blogging. The blogs with strong individual voices like yours, Maili’s, Keishon’s, are just as important to the community and the conversation as the more widely read ones. And not knowing what you’re going to write about next is half the fun.

  9. kaetrin says:

    Happy blogoversary! Don’t worry too much about the long posts. Why use 20 words when 100 is better? That’s what I say, anyway! 🙂

    I enjoy your thoughtful posts. May there be many more.

  10. Happy blogiversary! I enjoy this blog for all the reasons everyone else has already said. You just always seem to be thinking about interesting things. And not to stir up trouble, or pull you off the wagon, but I for one haven’t gotten tired of hearing your thoughts on That Book You Haven’t Read.

    (P.S. I was browsing through your old posts looking for gratuitous kitten pictures, and I saw you reviewed Polly Shulman’s Enthusiasm! I loved that book [someone gave it to one of my daughters as a birthday gift], flaws notwithstanding. Such a sweet change of pace from the thematically heavy stuff that dominates YA these days. And as far as swoony teen heroes go, Parr has it all over Edward Cullen, IMO.)

  11. Janine Ballard says:

    Congratulations on your first blogiversary! I consistently enjoy your blog even when I don’t comment, so you’re doing something right!

  12. Bookworm says:


    I just discovered your blog today, but will come often to visit. You have a unique outlook on many things and that is what will keep me coming back over and over again 🙂 Enjoy!

    BTW: I have two cats myself and love them to pieces!!!


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