Hiking Mt. Grademore

That’s Mount Grademore, Part I. (These are research paper portfolios including drafts and sources, so it isn’t like I have to read every word in the folders, but still). Part II is the 100 or so final essay exams I get this afternoon. Let’s not even mention the three major meetings I have this week.

So I’m on a brief blogging hiatus. I actually am reading a lot besides student work, to relax at the end of the day, so look for a reading round-up post or two late next week.

Happy Grading to those of my readers who are fellow sufferers!


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One Response to Hiking Mt. Grademore

  1. J Liedl says:

    Hiking Mount Grademore sounds a lot more enjoyable a prospect than sitting in grading jail, which is how I usually refer to the matters. Good luck to you on your hike. May you see no sign of the pernicious infestation of plagiarism!

    I’m slogging through some final short assignments and tallying up the marks (best 5 out of 8!) so students have that information in hand before the final exam on April 24th. Slog, slog, slog!

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